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Computational Science Zurich

Course Catalogue

Block courses of 1 to 4 weeks will be held twice a year (spring and fall) by participating members. The goal is to introduce the students to various computational methods, train them on software development and related applications. These courses also serve to expose students to research in the various groups. PhD students of the program can also follow regular courses related to Computational Sciences at UZH and/or ETH. Here is a table with a non-exhaustive list of courses in Computational Sciences.

Courses UZH

Course ID Title Lecturer ECTS points
AST001 Research Seminar Theoretical Astrophysics Mayer Lucio 0
AST006 Recent research highlights in astrophysics Mayer Lucio 0
AST007 Galaxy and star formation Feldmann Robert 0
AST202 The Universe: Contents, Origin, Evolution and Future Mayer Lucio 5
AST295 Astrobiology Proseminar Moore Ben 2
AST513 Theoretical Cosmology Mayer Lucio 10
AST547 Research seminar in Astrophysics Mayer Lucio 2
AST801 Astrophysical thinking Saha Prasenjit 2
BCH304 Protein Biophysics Caflisch Amedeo 6
BCH405 Research Seminar Caflisch Amedeo 1
BIO123 Quantitative and Molecular Systems Biology von Mering Christian 3
BIO254 Functional Genomics von Mering Christian 3
BIO334 Practical Bioinformatics von Mering Christian 6
BIO612 Seminars in Bioinformatics: Methods and Emerging Solutions von Mering Christian 0
BIO616 Lecture Series in Molecular Life Sciences von Mering Christian 0
BIO691 Teaching advanced microscopy for Life Science Melero José Maria Mateos 1
CHE103 Computer Applications in Chemistry Hutter Jürg 4
CHE327 Advanced concepts of Physical Chemistry II Hutter Jürg 4
ESC001 Research Seminar Computational Science Mayer Lucio 0
ESC403 Introduction to Data Science Feldmann Robert 6
ESC406 Computational Thinking II Feldmann Robert, Stadel Joachim 2
ESC801 Scientific writing in English for doctoral students Wegner Jan Dirk 1
ESC805 Data driven Modelling of dynamical systems Wegner Jan Dirk 2
INI405 Neuromorphic Engineering II Indiveri Giacomo 6
INI702 Journal Club Indiveri Giacomo 2
MAT801 Numerics I Sauter Stefan 9
MAT820 Practical training in numerics Sauter Stefan 3
MAT870 Zurich Colloquium in Applied Computational Mathematics Abgrall Rémi 0
PHY124 Scientific Computing Saha Prasenjit 5
PHY225 Scientific Programming in Python Serra Nicola 1
SD Studium Digitale Bernstein Abraham 3
STA672 Research Seminar in Applied Statistics Furrer Reinhard 0


Courses ETHZ

  Title Lecturer  
  Mathematics of Information Boelcskei Helmut  
  Foundations of Data Science Seminar Boelcskei Helmut  
  Modelling Course in Population and Evolutionary Biology Bonhoeffer Sebastian  
  Guarda-Workshop in Evolutionary Biology Bonhoeffer Sebastian  
  Infectious Disease Dynamics Bonhoeffer Sebastian  
  Statistics and Probability Theory Buehlmann Peter  
  Research Seminar on Statistics Buehlmann Peter  
  ZüKoSt: Seminar on Applied Statistics Buehlmann Peter  
  Foundations of Data Science Seminar Buehlmann Peter  
  Building Physics: Heat and Acoustics Carmeliet Jan  
  Building Physics III: Building Energy Demand and Urban Physics Carmeliet Jan  
  Structural Identification and Health Monitoring Chatzi Eleni  
  Theory of Structures II Chatzi Eleni  
  Method of Finite Elements I Chatzi Eleni  
  Uncertainty Quantification and Data Analysis in Applied Sciences Chatzi Eleni  
  Colloquium "Structural Engineering" Chatzi Eleni  
  Simulations and Sensors in Agri-Food Supply Chains for Sustainable Nutrition Defraeye Thijs  
  Research Seminar on Statistics Furrer Reinhard  
  ZüKoSt: Seminar on Applied Statistics Furrer Reinhard  
  Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos II Haller George  
  Thermo- and Fluid Dynamics Haller George  
  Seminar in Mechanics Haller George  
  Behavioral Studies Colloquium Helbing Dirk  
  Data Science in Techno-Socio-Economic Systems Helbing Dirk  
  Controversies in Game Theory Helbing Dirk  
  Complexity and Global Systems Science Helbing Dirk  
  Digital Society: Ethical, Societal and Economic Challenges Helbing Dirk  
  Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations Hiptmair Ralf  
  Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations Hiptmair Ralf  
  Zurich Colloquium in Applied and Computational Mathematics Hiptmair Ralf  
  Parallel Programming Hoefler Torsten  
  Distributed Systems Laboratory Hoefler Torsten  
  Seminar in Chemistry for CSE Huenenberger Philippe  
  Computer Simulation Huenenberger Philippe  
  Statistical Physics and Computer Simulation Huenenberger Philippe  
  Physical Chemistry Huenenberger Philippe  
  Geophysics II Jackson Andrew  
  Integrated Earth Systems I Jackson Andrew  
  Research Seminar in Fluid Dynamics Jenny Patrick  
  Advanced CFD Methods Jenny Patrick  
  Biofluiddynamics Jenny Patrick  
  Thermo- and Fluid Dynamics Jenny Patrick  
  Compressible Flows Jenny Patrick  
  αCentauri Jenny Patrick  
  Fluid Dynamics Jenny Patrick  
  Towards Efficient and High-Performance Computing for Engineers Kammer David  
  Signals and Systems II Lygeros John  
  Projects & Seminars: Quad-rotors: Control and Estimation Lygeros John  
  Building Control and Automation Lygeros John  
  Seminar in Systems and Control Lygeros John  
  Seminar in Systems and Control for CSE Lygeros John  
  AI in the Sciences and Engineering Mishra Siddhartha  
  Zurich Colloquium in Mathematics Mishra Siddhartha  
  Zurich Colloquium in Applied and Computational Mathematics Mishra Siddhartha  
  Food Process Engineering III Mishra Siddhartha  
  Constitutive and Numerical Modelling in Geotechnics Puzrin Alexander  
  Colloquia in Geotechnics Puzrin Alexander  
  MPS Colloquium Reiher Markus  
  Seminar in Chemistry for CSE Reiher Markus  
  Quantum Chemistry Reiher Markus  
  Special Topics in Theoretical Chemistry Reiher Markus  
  Seminar in Computational Chemistry C4 Reiher Markus  
  Theoretical Chemistry Seminar Reiher Markus  
  Computer Simulation Riniker Sereina  
  Statistical Physics and Computer Simulation Riniker Sereina  
  Numerical Methods for Finance Schwab Christoph  
  Numerical Analysis Seminar: Deep Neural Network Approximation Schwab Christoph  
  Zurich Colloquium in Applied and Computational Mathematics Schwab Christoph  
  Hydraulics I Stocker Roman  
  Integral Risk Management of Natural Hazards Sudret Bruno  
  Colloquium "Structural Engineering" Sudret Bruno  
  Risk Center Seminar Series Sudret Bruno  
  Natural Hazard Processes Sudret Bruno  
  Natural Hazard Processes and Digitalisation Sudret Bruno  
  Anticipatory management of natural hazard risks; interdisciplinary practice project; field trip Sudret Bruno  
  Seminar in Geophysics for CSE Tackley Paul  
  Geophysical Fluid Dynamics and Numerical Modelling Seminar Tackley Paul  
  Geophysics II Tackley Paul  
  Integrated Earth Systems I Tackley Paul  
  Topics in Planetary Sciences Tackley Paul  
  Planetary Habitability Tackley Paul